Weekend Reading

I went away for a relaxing weekend, far from cell phone reception and internet access. Given my recent post about not being able to turn it off at the end of the day, maybe it is slightly ironic that I packed two books: The Art of Agile Development and The Art of War.

The Art of War is one of those books I like to pick up from time to time. I am not a fan of comparing war to sports or work, there is no comparison. The book is a good read though for understanding strategy, how to utilize resources, and human interactions. Many of the concepts are applicable to daily life.

I found an interesting passage in The Art of War that could be applied to the concept of Energized Work.

In War,
Victory should be swift
If victory is slow,
Men tire, morale sags
Sieges exhaust strength;
Protracted campaigns
Strain the public treasury.

If men are tired,
Morale low,
Strength exhausted,
Treasure Spent;
Then the feudal lords
Will exploit the disarray
And attack.
This even the wisest
Will be powerless
To mend.


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