Getting Started with Rails Testing

I gave a presentation at the January 2013 Boston Ruby Project Night on “Getting Started with Rails Testing”.

This talk aims at understanding the development workflow while using TDD and the Red-Green-Refactor loop.

We look at the different test types that you can write in a Rails application

  • Unit tests
  • Controller tests
  • Integration tests

We also look at some of the tools and frameworks that are available for testing, including RSpec, MiniTest, Test-Unit, Capybara, and FactoryGirl.

A simple example is used to show the test-driven development workflow.  The code for the example is on github at

The github repository uses branches to capture a series of snaphots in the test-driven-development workflow.  See the Readme file for a list of the branches, or run the “git branch -a” command to see the full list from the terminal.


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