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Lightning Talk at Boston Ruby

I gave my first big crowd (to me anyway) talk at the August Boston Ruby Meetup.  It was a ton of fun, lots of 1st time speakers, with some really good content.  The highlight of the night was a satirical, musical tribute to Rails by Liana Leahy to the tune of “I Will Survive” that was an absolute home run.  There was also a talk on Imposter Syndrome that was particularly fitting since so many people were willing to step out of their comfort zone.

I did a condensed version of the talk I gave back in June at the BostonMotion meetup, so if you want the Cliff Notes version of that talk, here it is.


From RoR to RubyMotion – Developing your First iOS App

I gave a talk recently at the June 2013 BostonMotion meetup.  The idea behind the talk was to capture my experiences coming up to speed on RubyMotion, from the perspective of a developer who knows Ruby on Rails but hasn’t had much, if any, experience with iOS.

Nothing like having a hard deadline to force you to come up to speed on a project.  I learned a ton about RubyMotion, ProMotion, Formotion, MotionModel, BubbleWrap, Teacup, Sugarcube, and MotionAwesome

The slides are available here: Getting Started with RubyMotion – Michael Denomy